9 Internet Marketing Tips for your Business

Have you put a lot of thought into how you should market your auto repair shop? Long gone are the days of consulting a phone book when looking for a repair shop. Now people log on their computers and search for what they want through Google. If you aren’t participating in some form of internet marketing in this industry, you are missing out on a lot of potential clients.

Automotive online marketing is more than just having a flashy website with your business hours and address. A website is an important step in the process, but it’s really just the first step towards getting your shop noticed. Here are the 10 Internet marketing tips that you should be using:

1. Make an Internet Promotion Plan – Online marketing should be like any other form of business marketing, which means it needs to start with a solid plan.

2. Work on SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This process is how search engines, like Google, find your website when web surfers type in specific keywords. For instance, if a user types in “auto repair” and the name of your town, good SEO will help your website show up towards the top of the list.

3. Publish on Your Website – One way to help with SEO is to have a blog or articles that people coming to your website might want to read. For auto repair, these topics should be related to what you do and the services you provide.

4. Use Social Media – Social media is something that takes work and upkeep, but it is also vital to effective automotive internet marketing.

5. Track What Works – There are some amazing tools out there that can tell you who is visiting your site, how long they visited, where they are located, and how they found you.

6. Get Listed – Local marketing is vital for a auto repair businesses to survive. You want to make sure that you are easy to find. This means you need to get your site listed in local business directories.

7. Competition – Have you seen the sites for the other repair shops in your area? How do they stack up to yours?

8. Post Videos – A great way to use online marketing for auto repair is with simple videos. For example, a video showing how to properly change a tire or check your its pressure can be simply made and uploaded to bring more attention to your website.

9. Contact Us – If you want to create the best automotive marketing plan, get help. We are experienced and can help you get noticed on the web. Contact us today to get your free consultation!

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