A Guide to Creating Automotive Blog Posts

Beginning a blog is an important automotive marketing step for your business, but it can be tricky. How do you come up with blog post topics? Writing something new every week can be difficult!

Consider your audience

Think about what your audience and what topics they might find interesting. A great way to start is to answer common client questions in detail, one per post. Simple and informative, yet more detailed than a basic FAQ, this will show to your clients and readers that you’re listening to them and you care about their concerns. Your automotive blog shouldn’t just be a question and answer session though, so varying your content is important. Other entries could be based on current events that affect your repair shop, recent news in your area of the automotive industry, and explaining the difference between types of maintenance and repairs.

Stay relevant

A blog is a wonderful tool for your practice, but you need to make sure it gets read. How do you do that? By making it search-engine friendly, covering topics that really interest you, and editing and proofreading carefully. Write about topics that catch your attention – if even you are bored by your posts, who will enjoy them? Similarly, if you aren’t a good writer, let someone else manage the blog content.

Insource it!

If one of the mechanics, techs, or receptionists at your shop is an excellent writer and you don’t necessarily enjoy writing, they might be the right person to craft your auto repair blog entries. If any of the people in your practice are interested in participating in the blog, you might task them each with creating one post topic and writing the corresponding entry. This can actually simplify the process, since it distributes the workload across personnel and diversifies content.

Or Outsource it

Crafting your auto repair blog in-house provides the opportunity to interact with your patients regularly, and perhaps expand your practice. You might want to keep the content personal as a result. Alternatively, there are many companies that offer blog writing services.

By contracting experts in blog writing, you can guarantee high-quality content that will interest your readers. Clear communication is vital if you choose to go this route. You will need to give your contractors a good idea of what type of blog entries you would like, and provide them with a list of key words or phrases that should be incorporated in your blog. Based on the research they perform, they will create blog topics and craft the blog itself for you. Independent writers occasionally provide the same service.

If you need help developing blog entry topics, contact us for a free consultation. We’re here to help!

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