Web Analytics Made Easy

What is Web Traffic?

Web traffic is simply the number of visitors to your website and how many pages they visit. It’s a simple concept, but it basically drives the web industry today. Getting good traffic takes time and effort, but some developers are so intent on getting a lot of traffic quickly that they resort to all kinds of crazy SEO tricks and tools meant to attract lots of people. The thing is, traffic that is generated for the wrong reasons will remain simply that: traffic that comes and goes, and is largely irrelevant. Part of the job for professional SEOs is sorting out what traffic is relevant, quality traffic and why.

What are Website Visitors?

Simply put, website visitors are the people on the web who come to your site. But there are millions of people on the web, and they all have diverse needs and habits when it comes to how they use the internet. Focus for a moment on what you want from your automotive website marketing strategy. Do you want current or past customers to find a modern, inviting, and easy-to-navigate site? Do you want new or potential customers to be able to easily contact you? Do you want to create a first impression that is so compelling customers from other shops will switch to yours? Visitors to your site are the people who are there because they like something about what you have to offer.

Web Traffic vs. Website Visitors

Web analytics are the tools you can use to track just how many people are looking at your automotive website and how often. There are two ways that web analytics are broken down, either by on-site activity or by off-site activity.
Off-site analytics show you the general traffic and potential of both your and competitor’s websites, while on-site analytics track how users click through your website. Most people are primarily concerned with on-site web analytics, and that is where you will learn about website visitors and traffic.

Great Analytics for Automotive Marketing

Automotive internet marketing is the perfect place to fully benefit from web analytics. You can use off-site analytics to find the information about how users behave on other dentistry websites, which might give you insights into what will or won’t work for you. On-site analytics will show you trends of what visitors find most useful and engaging about your website. Of course, you’ll also find out what kinds of blog post topics, content, and internal pages are not useful, and that will help you to save time in the future.

How Can You Promote Visitors Instead of Traffic?

Web analytics can teach you a lot about what a single Internet searcher does when they find your website. If you find that lots of people come to the site and then leave quickly, you are promoting traffic, but your website may have content or navigational issues that prevent visitors from quickly finding the information that they need. Look deeper into the analytics and you’ll find that visitors will respond to the quality of your site. And that’s really what will bring them back again and again.

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