Hassle-free Ways to Optimize Twitter

SEO isn’t exclusively for your auto repair shop’s website. You can increase web traffic by optimizing your social media pages too! Even though Twitter posts are limited in characters, they can still pack a powerful marketing punch with SEO techniques in tweets and Twitter bios.

Automotive SEO marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Get started using the following tips:

Optimize your account bio. Describe your auto shop’s best services and your location if possible. For example, “Wells Family AutoCare- providing trustworthy, affordable service to Miami, FL since 1988” is under the Twitter limit, is plenty informative and gives the reader a sense of their personality. Use relevant keywords wherever possible. It’s only 160 characters, so make each letter count!

Include your Twitter name and handle on your website, Facebook fan page, and YouTube channel biography. This should increase traffic to your Twitter feed while making sure you show up more often in search results. Make sure to post a call to action inviting your customers and followers on other social media platforms to follow your tweets as well.

Create a unique Twitter handle. When you post a tweet that your followers want to re-tweet, a short handle (the word for your username on twitter) can come in handy. Create a handle that’s short, but definitely related to your shop. Remember, re-tweeting requires that your followers write @YourHandle.

Use your full URL in your twitter bio, but shrink links in your tweets. This builds confidence that your site is legitimate and keeps tweets short and sweet.

Use keywords and hashtags. This increases the tweets’ visibility. Twitter’s “no-follow rule” makes sure search engines won’t find individual tweets, but you can still reach a wide audience within Twitter this way. Submit your profile to the popular directories within Twitter as well to really maximize visibility.

Keep tweeting! Always respond to tweets that are related to you or your shop, are posted by your fans and relevant to the automotive industry, or are from your local partners. This increases the frequency of your tweet handle’s appearance, and can begin conversations that lead to blog posts or articles about your shop that link back to your Twitter handle.

Twitter is a great social media marketing tool for auto repair shops, but a 140 character limit can be daunting. Contact us today for advice, tips and tricks or a free consultation today.

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