A Beginner’s Guide to First-Rate E-mail Newsletters

Automotive e-mail marketing may not get as much press these days as search engine or social media marketing, but it’s still a great way to reach out to customers. E-mail marketing has it’s benefits as well- it’s informative, inexpensive, and much easier to keep track of than something like social media. So what’s the best way to go about starting an automotive e-mail newsletter campaign?


Your readers might only read the title of your newsletter – so make it count. While this is a sad thing to accept, it’s not as bad as when people just delete emails without opening them or unsubscribe completely. So what is it that keeps them on the list?


Include as much information as you can in a headline. Aim for something catchy and fun, or engage the reader with a question. As always, you can promote coupons and specials in your newsletters, so be sure to include that in the headline if possible. This doesn’t mean you can ignore the rest of the content, because there will be people who actually go beyond the headlines, especially if the headline interests them.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Each story or post should be concise and interesting. Don’t write long email newsletters just to take up space. Make it valuable to your readers- appeal to what they want. A short summary is all you have space for, and it’s probably all that your readers will take the time to read.

Be Relatable

The best content is going to be something that your readers can relate to. An automotive services promo is more interesting than the history of titanium crowns. While you may also have a blog, and your automotive email marketing may be a way to bring people to the blog, be cautious about topics that the majority of readers won’t find interesting.

Consider themed automotive e-newsletters. An easy way to chime in on this is by giving advice on how customers can care for their vehicles through the changing seasons. Be sure to include things like maintenance and safe-driving tips for the winter months. Always include a special somewhere in the newsletter to reward your readers!

Use Tracking Tools to Improve

There are a variety of tools on the web to ensure e-newsletter success. MailChimp is an easy to use email newsletter system that not only helps you design great-looking newsletters, but also track their results. With the knowledge of what content draws the most attention, you can build better and better newsletters each month!

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