Social Media for Auto Shops: A Beginner’s Guide

Like it or not, social media is going to be around for a while. So if you’ve moved over to the realm of social media marketing for your auto repair shop, you’re ahead of the curve. Many small businesses don’t realize how important automotive social media marketing is these days because they assume that their best bet is still word of mouth referrals.

Word of mouth is still as good as gold in the marketing world, but these days social media can act a lot like word of mouth too. People share with their friends and family via Twitter and Facebook much more than they sit them down and tell them about a great experience at a local mechanic they just had. Understanding how and why your customers use social media will help you to plan an effective strategy for using social media marketing.

Twitter for Auto Shops

Twitter is going to feel a bit awkward for an auto shop at first. If you use Twitter for personal use, understand that daily tweets for an auto shop will be different from the average user.

Start planning a set of promotions that you can unroll in a reasonable time frame. This will serve as the structure of your planned tweets. Every few weeks you can introduce a new promotion with a group of tweets. Don’t just tweet these promos once, it’s best to tweet about each promo regularly during the promo period.

In between promos, you can schedule re-tweets from some of the top authority figures in the auto industry. Find new people to follow regularly to stay in the loop. News stories or other popular tweets are great options to post when you have gaps in your regular promotion schedule.

Automotive Marketing on Facebook

Your Twitter and Facebook accounts should be linked. When you send out a tweet, it should also post to your Facebook page. This will help you to create structure for regular posting. Think about Facebook as a bigger, better Twitter.

Facebook is the place to really engage with your fans and customer base, instead of just promoting and advertising. You can post more interesting photos and links, ask your readers questions and give the answers and react to responses. Have fun with your Facebook fans so that they keep your shop in their minds.

If you set up a series of planned social network marketing events, you can start to fill in the days with a reasonable amount of interesting tweets and posts. Then you can add timely news and information as it happens. This will keep your content continuous and relevant, so you’re always in the loop and on people’s minds.


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