Social Media Science – 9 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

The Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech, is one of top engineering schools in the nation and is located just a block away from the CarCareCONNECT office. Not only are they one of the best schools around to get an engineering or science degree from, but they’re always pumping out cutting edge research in science and technology.

With a constant flow of interns from GA Tech, and even some of our own team members, we at CarCareCONNECT know first hand how smart these folks are. Now they’re applying some of their best minds to technology we’ve actually heard of: Social Media! So when the geeks at GA Tech research and develop a scientifically proven way to build followers on Twitter, we stop, listen and share!

You can read the full article: here, but the scope is some insights on how to increase your Twitter followers and influence, all based on hard data you can trust.

Give it a read! And take a look at some of our other blogs full of tips on how to optimize your social media.


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