Should Auto Repair Shops Use Facebook Ads?

Have you been scrolling through your Facebook timeline and seen posts that say “promoted?” Or maybe you have found yourself scrolling through a carousel of photos that swipe right to left and advertise a certain product. Those are Facebook advertisements!

Chances are you see nearly a dozen of them on any given login and many times they may be advertisements for a product or company that you recently did a Google search for. Creepy, right? While yes, it may seem like the internet is stalking you, think about how effective this could be for getting new customers from your local area into your shop!

Facebook ads are effective because unlike traditional advertising they don’t interrupt with an in-your-face advertisement. Ads are seamlessly stitched into users’ timelines so they aren’t paused or “skipped.” In other words, Facebook ads are camouflaged into your News Feed so that they look like any other post in your feed.

Your Customers are on Facebook

One thing that is truly amazing about Facebook is its reach. Facebook has over one billion daily active users on average!

Nearly everyone who could be searching for your auto repair shop has a Facebook account. That means that with Facebook ads you have the opportunity to reach out to a targeted audience within the one billion users.



If you’re thinking that you already have a Facebook business page for your shop so you’re good to go, that’s not the same as advertising on Facebook. The difference is that by advertising with Facebook you can nearly guarantee (for a small monetary fee) that your shop’s advertisement will show up on a person’s timeline and get their attention. While a post from your shop’s page has a chance to be seen by other users, it takes many people sharing your post to get the same results as a Facebook advertisement.

We want your shop to be seen by more people so that your shop gets the attention it deserves. Facebook ads are a proven way to get your auto shop’s name out there in your community and bring in new customers!

With that being said, every couple of days we’ll be posting another blog in our Facebook ads series. Our goal is to help your shop maximize its marketing budget by using one of the best ways to reach customers on the internet, Facebook ads. Coming up we will have more information on types of Facebook ads, how to select a targeted audience, and more!


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