Warning! Is Your Auto Repair Shop Committing These Waiting Room Fails?

Sometimes getting your car fixed means you have to wait around. But most places now have decent enough waiting room, and some even have recliners and flat screens (what a life). Yet a few still can’t get with the times and have trouble making their waiting room comfortable for customers. Check out these waiting room fails with us, and enjoy a laugh! Hopefully your auto shop hasn’t made any of these mistakes!


Auto Repair Shop Fail.png

Whose bright idea was it to have a fight to the death over legroom in the corner there? Chances are either someone is going to be laying their legs over someone else’s or someone will just stand in their seat. In any case, it’s not going to be comfortable. Maybe we’ll just leave a corner seat empty…


With spring just arriving, a shop with seats this dirty should probably break out the dustpans and brooms. Actually… they should break out the steam cleaners to give customers a clean place to sit. Let’s be honest, maybe they should just buy new chairs!


Auto Repair Shop 2.png

Okay, so your customer skipped breakfast to get their car to the shop early this morning. Luckily your shop has a vending machine. Think again! There’s a customer’s dollar lost, a bag of chips taunting them AND they’re still hungry. Come on…



Auto Repair Shop Fail 3.png

Is it just me or has the second Ice Age just begun? And I’m not talking about the one with Ray Romano talking to a prehistoric squirrel who is chasing a nut. Before the customer’s car is ready, they will be a popsicle!


Oh no, I’m just going to go wait out in the rain.


Auto Repair Shop Fail 4.png

All your customer can do here is sit and sweat out the demons. They know they’d like to go outside, but who are they kidding. It’s just as hot out there on the black asphalt. At least you have a seat in here.


Auto Repair Shop Fail 5-1.png

There are two ways to look at these – vintage magazines or old magazines. If the folks waiting in the waiting room are forever stuck in 2011, then they are going to love these. If not, this auto shop should subscribe to some new ones!


Auto Repair Shop Fail 6-1.png

I’m guessing the armrests are other people’s legs. Maybe this shop doubles as a speed dating room!


I feel like my car should be ready any minute now… or not!


We hope you haven’t made any of these mistakes at your auto shop. But have you had any personal waiting room experiences that you just couldn’t believe? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page with a picture of the waiting room fail!

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