We’ve Got Talladega Fever! The Only Cure is Dale Jr.

Can you believe it? The Geico 500 is this weekend! Talladega is one of our favorite tracks and in a poll of our employees, Dale Jr. is No. 1. We decided to predict how his race will go in a series of funny GIFs! Scroll through for the suspense and thrill of a live NASCAR race as Jr. goes through the gauntlet of Talladega.


Dale Jr 1.gif

It’s race day. See that explosion? The man was born ready.


Dale Jr 2.gif

Walking around the track taking in the smells and observing the racers that are about to get smoked.


Dale Jr 3.gif

When he’s being polite and answering questions, but he’s got to get with his crew chief and get prepared for the race. The man’s got a job to do folks.


Dale Jr 4.gif

Giving a kiss to his miss. It’s a good luck thing.


Dale Jr 5.gif

Now it’s time for the classic Hollywood guy kick off the race. Yeah, yeah, we get it. But I want to see Dale Jr. light it up. This isn’t our first race.


Dale Jr 6.gif

The race is off and people are jockeying for position. This is where racers start the game plan.


Dale Jr 7.gif

Dirty racer but you don’t have a race unless someone gets crushed into the wall. Thankfully Jr. is ahead of these guys.

Dale Jr 8.gif

Coming around the turn. Phew, this is where it can get dicey.


Dale Jr 9.gif

Dale barely made it out of that one. But man, looks like that guy won’t be racing for a while.


Dale Jr 10.gif

The pit crew couldn’t be happier. Good calls from the spotter and a solid pit crew are keys to success.

Dale Jr 11.gif

These guys are eating Jr.’s smoke. They didn’t stand a chance from the start.


Dale Jr 12.gif

Jr. is slinging his car around and he deserves it. What a victory.


Dale Jr 13.gif

Gotta hug the man who keeps the crew together. The team deserved that win.


Dale Jr 14.gif

Celebrate with the Dew!

Dale Jr 15.gif

They are going to ask questions about all the wrecks but all that really matter was how he handled it. Like a pro.

Dale Jr 16.gif

Haters going to hate, but Dale with it.


Dale Jr 17.gifEnjoy Talladega, and hopefully Jr. gets the win.


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