How to Get Stellar Reviews from Customers

Think about the last time you searched a product. You most likely did not purchase it cold turkey. Almost everyone researches and reads reviews before making a purchase online or visiting a shop for a particular service. Without reviews it would be like purchasing a house without even stepping foot through the door. Reviews give us a little more insight on the history of the product or service and it’s effectiveness amongst past customers. For an auto shop owner, reviews are valuable to the growth of the shop and provide feedback for advancing product offerings and customer service. So how does one get their customers to not only visit their auto repair shop, but leave a review on their experience as well? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to getting stellar reviews for your auto shop.

1. Ask the Question

This is simple. Ask the customer to leave a review to provide helpful feedback about their experience at your shop. Obviously don’t beg consumers for reviews or calls-to-action, but  provide areas for them to leave feedback that are visually easy to find.

2. Make it Easy

As previously stated, make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave a review. You don’t want them to go on a search in order to leave a review, so where you place your feedback section on your website is extremely important to receiving feedback. Also, if you make them go through a long form-filling process, they are less likely to leave reviews. Don’t forget, the more reviews you have on your website will encourage others to leave reviews.

3. Solicit Reviews by Email

About a week or so after someone has a repair at your shop, send out an email checking in on them and asking how they liked their experience at your shop, in the form of a review. This will give you feedback and keep your company top of mind for the customer. If they liked their experience, they are likely to tell others about it.

4. Publish Good and Bad Reviews

Publish bad reviews? As weird as that seems, bad reviews not only give you feedback of what to work on, but also gives potential customers more trust in your company. If a customer only sees good reviews, many will think the product reviews are biased or not true to the auto shop.

5. Incentives (Not Bargaining)

Sometimes companies will provide incentives, or rewards, to those who provide feedback for them. However, you have to be careful not to bargain for reviews. A good way that you can provide and incentive is if you were to do a monthly drawing for a free set of tires out of those who filled out a review. This adds a little more incentive for people to leave a review but isn’t bribery.

6. Use Reviews to Deliver a More Relevant User Experience 

By looking at past purchases and customer reviews, you can decipher what that consumer is interested in. This will help you provide relevant services to that customer profile. Amazon is an example of a company that is known for doing this even after you simply search for a specific product.

7. Ask Your Fans

What better way to find reviews than by reaching out to those who already love your shop? Fans can go to waste unless you do something with them, so reach out to your most loyal customers for a review of your shop.

8. Turn EVERY Piece of Feedback into a Review

Facebook, Twitter, emails, telephone calls, you name it – everything can be used as a review! Take every piece of feedback seriously to help your company prosper into the best and most up-to-date version of itself.


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