Build Your Online Presence With New Content

One of the most important aspects of your auto shop’s website is its content. As discussed previously, new content helps SEO. If you add fresh content to your website regularly, Google is likely to rank your auto repair shop’s website higher in search results. It is necessary for you to post new content on a regular basis, using techniques like blogging.

Blogging will help you extend your online reach and set you apart from the competition. By posting well-researched and insightful articles you can build your auto shop’s authority as a thought leader in the auto repair industry.

In the world of blogging, there are many different types of formats for your posts. To get you started, try some of the ideas below: 

  • How-to: Teach your readers how to do something.
  • List: Organize your blog content into a list format. (ex. “5 Tips for…”)
  • FAQ: Do your customers all ask a similar question? Answer it in a blog post!
  • Entertainment: Every now and then post content with a “fun factor.



Quality Over Quantity

While it is important to publish content frequently, make sure that the content that you are posting is quality content. Don’t get caught in the trap of posting low quality content just for the mere fact that you want to update your website. It is important that the content you are producing is beneficial to the reader so they will keep coming back to see what is new on your website. It is best for your content to meet a need that your audience has for information, such as answering a question or providing an expert point of view.


EXPERT TIP: Start every morning reading the news in the automotive industry. You should never plagiarize, but you may be inspired to write a blog about a current event or trend. This will help you come up with unique topics on a daily basis.



Content is an important factor in supporting your online presence. New content can improve your search engine ranking and set you apart from the competition.


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